17-19 September 2018
@ Tainan, Taiwan


About Barista Camp


Grow as a professional barista 


The educational core of the Camp is based on industry standards provided by SCA’s Coffee Skills Program. Participants are offered the choice between different tracks, with optional certification. The tracks are composed of a variety of modules to cater for baristas with diverse skill levels and interests. You’ll have the opportunity to get hands-on training by some of the best-certified trainers, who possess in-depth course-specific knowledge, as well as an excellent track record as a teacher.

咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)的教育基礎是建立在 咖啡領域指標的SCA咖啡技能課程之上。訓練營學員可按興趣研習不同核心範疇的咖啡課程及認證考試。為了能提供來自不同咖啡背景的學員,SCA Coffee Skills Program (CSP) 新制課程包含了全方位的咖啡科目共六塊模板:咖啡概論、咖啡師技能、咖啡沖煮、生豆知識、咖啡豆烘焙、感官技能,每個模板科目又分為 - 初級,中級,高級。SCA專業認證的導師們,也都是來自各地的資深專業的咖啡從業人員。他們將傳授學員們實戰操作的經驗及完整的SCA課程內容。


Get serious about your career 


The modules are an excellent way to start working towards your SCA Coffee Skills Program (CSP) certificate. Professional education is a great way to enhance your career in coffee, and with recognized qualification, you can prove your skills to potential employers.



Unique educational content for all levels 


In addition to the CSP modules, Barista Camp offers cutting-edge content through lectures and tastings on a variety of topics such as sustainability, new processing techniques, customer experience and even a look at other similar industries we can learn from. Whether you’ve recently started out as a barista, or have been around for a couple of years, Camp is a unique opportunity to be challenged and to take your skills to the next level.

咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)有CSP模塊課程外,還透過講座和品嚐會提供最豐富的內容,講座內容涉及廣泛的主題,如精品咖啡永續性發展的概念,新型咖啡加工技術,客戶體驗以及其他相關行業的經驗與技術。 無論您是剛加入產業的咖啡師,還是經驗豐富的咖啡專業人員,訓練營都是一個特別的機會,您可以挑戰新的學程,並可讓您的咖啡技能更上一層樓。


Test the industry’s most advanced equipment 


Barista Camp is made possible with the help of some of the best companies the specialty coffee industry has to offer. Companies who are eager to create an ongoing relationship with baristas, and are excited to be part of a movement to improve and professionalise the Specialty Coffee industry around the world. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of different machines and the newest equipment available in your area.

一個完備且成功的咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp),不能缺少精品咖啡業界卓越廠商們提供的器材設備及產品贊助。這些優良企業/廠商們主動建立良好關係與世界各地咖啡社群,秉持著與菁英們增進精品咖啡業界共同利益為宗旨。在此基礎之上,學員們將有機會體驗及實際操作各式各樣最新型的設備與產品於咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)


One of the best memories you’ll have in 
參與Barista Camp將會是你最美好的回憶之一


At Barista Camp, learning and developing as a barista is a shared activity. You are not alone at Camp: a group of baristas from all over the world are brought together to share stories and experiences, discuss problems or fears they are facing, and learn from each other. All participants, including trainers and lecturers, are split into smaller teams for fun team competitions and to create a great opportunity to meet new people. Always set in a beautiful locale, we’ve got a whole bunch of fun activities planned in the evenings, to help you relax, connect with peers and have an experience you’ll never forget!

咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)的活動是為了能讓參與的學員們,相互學習與共同成長。 在訓練營你不是獨立學習個體,你將與來自世界各地的咖啡師們齊聚一堂,分享故事和經驗,討論各自所面臨的問題或恐懼,並相互學習。所有研習營的參與者,包括培訓師和講師們,都會被分成小團隊,而展開有趣的團隊比賽,藉此機會結識新朋友。 我們的咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)都是精選學習空間優良及多元化的度假地點。除了在日間進行緊湊及內容豐富的課程外,我們在晚上計劃了許多有趣的活動,幫助您輕鬆愉快的與同儕交流,精心打造讓您難以忘記的經歷與回憶!


Why attend Barista Camp? 
為什麼要參加Barista Camp?


There’s heaps of value in Barista Camp. Here’s another list of all the things you get out of attending Camp:

  1. 3~ 4 days of professional education.
  2. Get certified and work towards your SCA coffee Skills Program Certificate.
  3. Cutting-edge content through lectures and tastings.
  4. Opportunity to test the industry’s most advanced coffee machines and tools.
  5. Meet and connect with peers as well as teachers and potential mentors.

咖啡師訓練營(Barista Camp)有許多數不盡的價值。以下列舉了一部分參加訓練營你能所有擁有的益處:

  1. 3或 4天的專業教育課程
  2. 獲得認證的機會並致力於您的SCA coffee Skills Program (CSP)證書
  3. 通過講座內容與實地品嚐,得到最新的咖啡知識
  4. 有機會親手操作業界最先進的咖啡設備和產品
  5. 與咖啡同業人員、教師、業界先進見面並交流




* Shared Room Must have roommate register together 

Early Bird 早鳥價

Deadline: before August 18th  

Room 房型
Price 價格
Single Room 單人房
USD $ 600  NTD $ 16,800
Shared Room / per person 雙人房 / 一人價
USD $ 550  NTD $ 15,200


SCA & TCA Member 會員

Room 房型
Price 價格
Single Room 單人房
USD $ 600  NTD $ 16,800
Shared Room / per person 雙人房 / 一人價
USD $ 550  NTD $ 15,200


Non-member 非會員

Room 房型
Price 價格
Single Room 單人房
USD $ 700  NTD $ 19,800
Shared Room / per person 雙人房 / 一人價
USD $ 650  NTD $ 18,200


Disclaimers 免責聲明


All prices are per person. Registration is nonrefundable. Payment must be made online. Barista Camp attendees may not market their product or services at this event. Marketing is reserved for Barista Camp sponsors only. Sponsors and press must be approved to register. Attendees must be 18 years old to attend. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, a refund or credit request may be considered if requested in writing tocoffee.tca@msa.hinet.net .

所有價格均為「個人」,並且註冊是不可退費的。 付款必須在網上進行。 Barista Camp參加者不得在此活動中推銷其產品或服務。 贊助及營銷機會僅題供給Barista Camp贊助商們,贊助商和媒體必須獲得批准才能註冊。如果發生不可預見的情況,請以書面形式向 coffee.tca@msa.hinet.net 發送退款或信用請求,則主辦單位將可考慮退款或信用卡請求。


  1. 參加者必須年滿18歲才能參加。
  2. 請務必想清楚後再報名,謝謝各位!


Cancellation Policy 取消政策


Access registration is nonrefundable. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, a refund or credit request may be considered if requested in writing to coffee.tca@msa.hinet.net .

報名註冊完成後是不可退還的。 如果發生不可預知的情況,請以書面形式向 coffee.tca@msa.hinet.net 發送退款或信用卡請求,則主辦單位將可考慮退款或信用請求。


Code of Conduct 行為守則簽署


During the registration process you will be asked to agree to the SCA Code of Conduct.

Do you agree with the above cancellation policy? Once you register for the camp, it means that you accept and agree with the terms stated here.




Code of Conduct attached


Tickets include 以上費用包含


  1. Attendance to Barista Camp Asia 2018 / Tainan, Taiwan / 17-19 September
  2. 2 nights of full- board accommodation (including 3 days insurance) at [The Place Hotel / Tainan]
  3. Enrolment and certification in SCA Coffee Skills Program modules, depending on the course you choose and the exam you pass.
  4. Access to all workshops, lectures and social activities at Barista Camp Asia
  1. 參加Barista Camp Asia 2018 / 台南台灣/ 9月17-19日
  2. 台南老爺行旅兩晚住宿+早、中、晚餐+ 9/17 晚上party門票+全程保險
  3. 註冊及獲得認證SCA之 CSP咖啡課程(證書:需上滿該課程時數且參加考試並通過.當場不得補考)
  4. 可以參加Barista Camp Asia 所有課程、講座及9/17 晚上party


Tickets DO NOT include 以上費用不包含


  1. Travel to / from Tainan, Taiwan
  2. Other personal expenses
  1. 往返台灣, 台南的高鐵票、運輸工具及飛機票
  2. 其他個人相關費用 (包含房間內外其他消費)


注 1:  報名學員如需預訂訓練營( 9/17, 9/18 兩晚)以外之 住宿天數, 請於下頁報名之個人資調登記的備註欄仔細備註,並寫 email至 coffee.tca@msa.hinet.net 告知主辦單位。我們將盡全力安排,所有額外住宿之費用 及其延伸之費用,將由學員自行負擔。額外住宿費用之繳交,將不會與此報名費一同繳付。我們將稍後待訂房 確認後,另行通知付款。 額外住宿之房價:$3,000 NTD / 晚 (單人房) and $3,300 NTD / 晚 (雙人房).
Note 1:  If you would like to stay extra night(s) before or after Camp period (9/17~9/18) , you MUST indicate in the remark field above and also email us at coffee.tca@msa.hinet.net.   The attendees, who request added night(s), will be responsible for all the cost associated with it. Each additional night will be $3,000 NTD / night (single room) and $3,300 NTD / night (shared room). The fee of the added night cost will be paid separately and will NOT add on top of the registration fee payment here. We will email you later for the added night fee payment once we confirm your hotel booking. 


注 2 :飯店每種房型有入住人數限制,如雙人房限住 2 人,若 CheckIn 時超過人數限制,飯店與主辦單位有權 拒絕入住或補收差價(依飯店規定收費)。
Note 2:  You must not exceed the maximum specified occupancy for the room type that you have booked. Extra person charges are applicable for additional guests. The camp organizer and / or the hotel reserve the right to process any additional charges incurred to the credit card provided at check in. 


Choose Track 


You must choose ONLY ONE of the following tracks 


Barista Camp Aisa 2018 Schedule Descriptions




1. Barista Intermediate 
咖啡吧檯師 (中級) 限額20人


Prerequisite: SCA Coffee Skill Program - Barista Foundation certification

必須先具備:SCA 咖啡技能計畫 CSP - 咖啡吧檯師初級證書


Day 1

Barista Intermediate part 1 ➜ Coffee Careers: How did I get here?
中級課程 part 1➜ 咖啡事業版圖:我如何達成目標?

Day 2

Barista Intermediate part 2 ➜ Barista Intermediate part 3 ➜ Customer Service ➜ Group Event: Workflow Wars
中級課程 part 2 ➜ 中級課程 part 3 ➜ 顧客服務行銷 ➜ 團體活動

Day 3

Barista Intermediate part 4 ➜ Barista Intermediate ➜ Exams
中級課程 part 4 ➜ 中級課程 ➜ 考試


2. Barista Foundation 
咖啡吧檯師 (初級) 限額20人


Day 1

Barista Foundation part 1 ➜ Coffee Careers: How did I get here?
初級課程 part 1 ➜ 咖啡事業版圖:我如何達成目標?

Day 2

Barista Foundation part 2 + Exam ➜ Dissecting the Espresso Machine ➜ Customer Service ➜ Group Event: Workflow Wars
初級課程 part 2 + 考試 ➜ 剖析義式咖啡機 ➜ 顧客服務行銷 ➜ 團體活動

Day 3

Espresso Exploration ➜ Managing a Café in Asia
探索濃縮咖啡的奧妙 ➜ 如何在亞洲管理一家咖啡廳


3. Brewing Foundation 
咖啡沖煮 (初級) 限額20人


Day 1

Organic Acids ➜ Coffee Careers: How did I get here?
有機酸的世界 ➜ 咖啡事業版圖:我如何達成目標?

Day 2

Water Chemistry ➜ Brewing Foundation part 1 ➜ Customer Service ➜ Group Event: Workflow Wars
水化學與咖啡的關聯 ➜ Brewing初級課程 part 1 ➜ 顧客服務行銷 ➜ 團體活動

Day 3

Brewing Foundation part 2 + Exam ➜ Managing a Café in Asia
初級課程 part 2 + 考試 ➜ 如何在亞洲管理一家咖啡廳


4. Non-SCA CSP Workshop Only 
非SCA CSP 課研習會學程 限額30人


Day 1

Organic Acids ➜ Coffee Careers: How did I get here?
有機酸的世界 ➜ 咖啡事業版圖:我如何達成目標?

Day 2

Water Chemistry ➜ Dissecting the Espresso Machine ➜ Customer Service ➜ Group Event: Workflow Wars
水化學與咖啡的關聯 ➜ 剖析義式咖啡機 ➜ 顧客服務行銷 ➜ 團體活動

Day 3

Espresso Exploration ➜ Managing a Café in Asia
探索濃縮咖啡的奧妙 ➜ 如何在亞洲管理一家咖啡廳



Remarks: If you choose track 1, 2 or 3 SCA credit tracks, you are entitle to a certification exam on the last day of course you choose. However, if you did not pass the exam, re-test will NOT be offered at the camp.

注意:選取並實際上完 1 或 2 或 3 課程者,可有資格直接參加該級別考試,通過考試者,將由 SCA頒發該級證書,未通過者,無法當場直接補考。


NOTE: SCA and TCA reserve the right to change course schedule and course content SCA and TCA have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information provided in this general information is accurate and current. However, the content is subject to change. SCA and TCA reserves the right to make additions, revisions or deletions as may be necessary due to changes in Government regulations, Venue policy, procedures, or curriculum. SCA and TCA will make every reasonable effort to inform attendees with changes that occur after publication of this website. Information regarding significant changes will be posted and available on the TCA website or SCA Barista Camp Website.


備註及細則: SCA和TCA保有隨時修改活動辦法,課程安排和課程內容的權利。 SCA和TCA已盡一切努力合理確保本文中之信息準確及。 但本文內容可能會隨時更新。 如果由於政府法規,場地政策,訓練程序或課程需變通…等因素,根據上述之因素SCA和TCA保有修改或刪除的權利。 SCA和TCA將盡一切合理努力,即時通知與會者及報名者有關本網站內容公布後的本文更改。 有關重大變更的信息將發佈在: TCA網站上或SCA Barista Camp網站



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